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GSam Battery Monitor provides

GSam Battery Monitor provides GSam operates in two modes - Standard, and Enhanced Statistics.  In Standard mode, GSam attempts to collect all statistics itself.  Since KitKat, Android has made this harder and harder each release as they clamp down on security settings.  This is a GOOD thing, but it makes the standard collection mode less useful over time.

Enhanced Stats:  By enabling enhanced statistics (Menu -> More -> Enable More Stats), GSam is able to access all raw batter stats that are maintained by the underlying platform.  This does not require root, but it does require some manual steps by the user.  The app will walk you through the steps to enable this.  It's a pain, but is strongly recommended for for Nougat and beyond.

Some of the statistics shown in this guide may not be available without the Enhanced Stats enabled.

Main Screen

Tablet View (Pro Version)
The main screen of GSam Battery Monitor provides you with time estimates, and shows the power drain of various components of your phone such as the Screen, Bluetooth, etc.  You can access additional function via the Menu button, or by clicking on a row in the table with a blue > icon on the right.

The Professional and Kindle Fire versions of GSam Battery Monitor look somewhat different when run on Tablets, but the basic function is the same.

Time Remaining Estimates:
Average:  An estimate of remaining time based on usage since the phone was unplugged.  Some aspects of this may be controlled through the Power Per Percent setting in the Preferences.  This setting should get better over time as the app learns more about your device. Note:  The Professional and Kindle Fire editions will show an average for time spent active on devices that have no phones (or that are in 'airplane' mode).  This allows a more accurate prediction of how much active use you can get out of the device.Last Xm:  An estimate of remaining time based on the device usage over the last X minutes.  The maximum X can be is controlled through the Calculate Time Left preference.  X may be a small number depending on when statistics were last collected.  Statistics aren't collected while the device is not in use, so if you pick up your device after extended sleep time, this number may revert back to 1 and slowly climb as you use the device again.

Talk Time:  An estimate of how much talk time is remaining.  Note that this only shows up on devices with phones.To Full:  When charging, this represents how long it will take to fully charge the device.  Charge time can vary based on charger type (USB vs A/C) and usage of the device while it's charging.Used X% in TIME:  X shows the percent of battery consumed based on your time reference (by default since you last unplugged the phone).  The TIME section shows the amount of elapsed time since the time reference (typically how long since you unplugged your phone).  All statistics have been gathered since the time reference.

Δ %/h - TIME Active:  The battery change per hour since the time reference.  The time active represents the time the device has spent in interactive mode (screen on, held awake, etc.) Phone:  How long have you actually spent on the phone - talk time.  This is only visible on devices with a phone.Screen:  How long has the screen been on.  Dig into this field to see details of how the screen affects power usage:

Screen Doze (8.1 and beyond):  Amount of time the Always On Display was active, and the percent of overall time compared to the time the screen spent powered off.
Discharge While On/Off:  Percent discharge of the battery while the screen was on/off.  Note that this does not represent only the consumption by the screen itself.  Tip: A high discharge amount while screen is off may indicate a problem app running in the background.
Screen Brightness:  The time spent and percent of power used at a given brightness setting.  The power is a percentage of the screen power consumed, not a percentage of overall power consumed (and so will always add up to 100%).

Phone Radio:  How long has the phone had a signal.    Click on this row to get more details, including how long the phone has been at various signal strengths.  You can also see the amount of data transferred over your mobile network.

Wifi Active: How long has your wifi radio been on with a signal? Click on this row to see the amount of data transferred over your wifi network. Known Issue: When you turn on and off the Wifi radio, all data transferred stats are reset for wifi. So if you turn this on and off a lot, treat your transfer stats with a grain of salt.Held Awake: This is the amount of time that the phone appears to be sleeping (screen is off), but some application is preventing the phone from going into a deep sleep. This is one of the chief indicators of unneeded battery drain. This is similar to the 'Idle' value in the built-in battery usage, however we don't include the screen on time to help with clarity.

 Dig into this field to get more details: Deep Sleep: Amount and percent of time the device has spent in deep sleep with the CPU in it's lowest power state. Doze Time: Android supports a light and deep doze mode. The device will go into doze mode when Android detects it's not being used to save on battery. % Screen Off: The percent of time the device was in doze mode compared to the amount of time the screen was off. The higher this value is, the more benefit your getting from doze. Discharge Screen Off: The percent of battery discharge while the device is in doze mode compared to the amount while the screen is off. Averages Per Complete Charge: The lifetime averages that your device spends in doze mode for a complete discharge cycle. This is an estimated value since it's rare that a complete (100%) discharge cycle occurs. The max value represents the maximum measured value.

Bluetooth: The amount of time the Bluetooth radio is on. We've seen cases where a misbehaved bluetooth driver doesn't allow the phone to sleep, however for the most part, leaving bluetooth on consumes negligible power. App Usage: This shows the % of power used by all apps on the phone. Click on this row to go into the App Sucker task where you can view all the details. Averages Per Complete Charge: Over time, GSam Battery Monitor averages the amount of time your phone lasts and amount of screen on time on a given charge cycle. Initially, this number will fluctuate considerably, but over time it should start to level out. This is an estimated value since it's rare that a complete (100%) discharge cycle occurs. The max value represents the maximum measured value.

The Professional and Kindle Fire editions will show an average life spent active (not including Standby) for devices without phones. This gives a better prediction of average life for devices that have a long standby time. You can reset the average value in the Preferences menu - but once you do, you'll have to re-establish your usage patterns. The average is calculated whenever you plug your phone in to charge. You have to have used it for a good amount of time however, or that number will be ignored. For example, if you only used your phone for 15 minutes and re-plugged it back in, GSam Battery Monitor doesn't include that time in it's averaging. On devices without phones, the standby time can be very large (many days). The time you're most interested in is your in-use time, and so for such devices, Avg. Life shows your in-use time rather than your overall average battery life. If you want to see the overall average, click the button and share to an application, and view the text provided - it will include both overall and in-use averages.

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